Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The idea

Although our original ideas have not gone quite to plan, we have not given up and I have really wanted our finished product to be a professional looking product that flows and is a good opening thriller sequence!

The original lift idea would not have been particularly effective and had a lot of flaws and we could not really see where it would lead from a further narrative perspective.

The idea of doors came to me and I thought of some kind of possible detective mystery thriller where there is a mass killer and the detective is searching for the right door to go through so that he can find and take him down. Although the name 'The Door' was not seen as a great name, today at some point we will quickly need to think and decide on a new more effective title for our film!

I think that the planning and production stages, although they may not have gone quite as well as we hoped, have been majorly improved from our previous children's film opening sequence!

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