Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Overview of opening sequence - Taken

The opening sequence of Taken suggests from the name of the film and the build up from the opening sequence, we gather that it is a hybrid of Crime and Thriller.

It appeals to the genre and conventions of a Thriller as there is mysterious and tense music and also there is fairly dark lighting. The titles are white and fade out adding to build up of suspense and tension. The Mise En Scene contrasts between the young girl who looks very happy in a brightly coloured dress and then the man wearing dark clothing. The characters that are introduced in the opening sequence are the man, the young girl and the woman. The girl and the woman are happy and excitable whereas the man looks unhappy and alone. The opening sequence suggests that the story will be based around the young happy girl who may be the one who has issues throughout the film. 

What do we like about this opening sequence?
  • We like how the flashback at the beginning contrasts with the present time.
  • We like the different lighting
  • We like the build up in tension through the music. 

What don't we like about the opening sequence?
  • We don't like the fact that there is very little background information given. It is mainly for us to work it out and guess, although that may be a good or bad thing. 
  • The titles weren't particularly clear. 

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