Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Plot Outline

Plot -  The opening sequence will begin with Medium close up's of a character walking through the location with music in background, with cuts during his walk for titles and quick cut transitions between him and the lift and also to another character. This character will be outlined from our opening sequence to always be in the background in relation to the shots that we have of the main character, this will hopefully add to the tension of the sequence and appeal to the genre of it being a thriller. There will be no speech in this sequence. The main character will walk and get to the entrance to the lift, and this is when the music will change. They will enter the lift and select the floor that they want to go to, we will then cut to the antagonist, character? looking at the lift, and then the door will close. 'Doors Closing' The title of the film will then appear.

Music will be created on Garageband

Our titles will be created with effects in Photoshop.

Characters - 1 or possibly 2 - The main character - Protagonist and the antagonist, character? 

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